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The mission moment

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the Mission Moment

We subscribe to the GovLoop newsletter and it’s a always worth flicking through. Today’s talks about The Mission Moment, a powerful way which non-profit organisations often open their board meetings.


image | Council of Peoples Organization 

A staff or board member opens the meeting with a recent story about how the organisation has made a difference. This is a pretty economical way to get several things done. It:

  • Reminds people of why they are there.
  • Strengthens commitment to a shared purpose.
  • Provides board members with concrete examples of difference to use in other settings.
  • Reduces strife by holding beneficiaries in mind.

A good Mission Moment is a story about a person, the obstacle(s) they faced, and how the staff of the organization helped them overcome the obstacle(s). This isn’t a time to share program overviews or the latest data. It’s time to tell a 3-5 minute story about a person and how the agency’s work helped him/her.

A nice twist is the silent start where the meeting opens with a few minutes silence for people to remember and reflect on why they are there.

In other settings, nuclear or oil and gas say, where the risks can be very high and needs to be the responsibility of all, all meetings open with a safety moment.

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