• Sparknow, sparking a new level of performance

    Sparknow, sparking a new level of performance

  • Making it happen

    We work with you to move from knowing what needs to be done into actually making it happen - faster, more economically, more imaginatively and with impact that exceeds expectations.

  • Our Method
    Our Method
  • Rewiring the organisation
    Rewiring the organisation


We connect people to organisational purpose to spark a new level of performance for your business. Over 18 years we’ve worked with some of the world’s largest, most complex organisations to tackle strategic and cultural challenges in new ways so they can get the leading edge in their unique context.


We make a difference in the following ways:

We understand that changing organisations is hard. It’s human and it can hurt. We’ve been there, often, in our direct experience as business leaders. When organisations are at a crossroads, we provide deep understanding that is so hard to win. When the right way forward is difficult to see, let alone navigate, our experience is at your disposal.

We work with you to move from knowing what needs to be done into actually making it happen – faster, more economically, more imaginatively and with impact that exceeds expectations. Our approach benefits your business and success according to your unique context.

We fuse the best of creative and analytical techniques at every level of the organisation to achieve long-lasting results. Our insights and knowledge help you build trust and equip your people with skills and tools to drive change. Our methods help create the momentum for the changes you need. We’re always scanning the horizon for the latest thinking; forever curious to find a better way. Our forward thinking keeps you fiercely relevant.


Academic & Research
Cultural Sector
Development Banks & Agencies
Financial Services
Not For Profit
Private Sector
UK Government & Regulators


Our work happens under the banner of change, sometimes labelled as: transformation, lessons learned, knowledge management, innovation, talent development, designing blueprints or a new business model. We can the use Sparknow method to:

Take your value set to a new level by making your organisation’s mission more meaningful to those working for it – because aligned, embedded values make for a more productive business.

Transform your strategy into actions that build and sustain your momentum and deliver the outcomes you need.

Equip your change leaders with new attention-grabbing visual communications and toolkits that bring a new spark and momentum to your transformation programme.

Change conversations and relationships so that your people feel heard and carry messages of change through the organisation, ready to tackle challenging moments.

Give you the foresight you need to take on the future by designing a model for scenario building and horizon scanning.

Locate and strengthen networks within your organisation so that they can drive innovation, knowledge or change with greater efficiency and agility.

method We’ve developed a distinctive method to gather raw evidence; pattern insight;negotiate shared understanding and commitment; do & make relevant artefacts and experiences that translate findings into action, and return & reflect on the impact of the work and what might be needed next.


Our Directors

Victoria Ward has a background in exchange traded futures and options, first as a broker, then running R&D at the futures exchange in London leading a global futures business. From there via chief operating officer, capital markets, to chief knowledge officer at an investment bank, she founded Sparknow in late 1997.
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Fiona Hiscocks is a named patent holder for story based organisational assessment method at IBM and has designed and delivered leadership development programmes for the US Federal Government. With a background in disaster recovery, e-business and knowledge management, she has used story to develop strategy and drive change at the highest levels of organisations across Europe, the Middle East and the USA.
Fiona Hiscocks, Director | ten.w1534358739onkra1534358739ps@sk1534358739cocsi1534358739h.ano1534358739if1534358739

Victoria and Fiona are available for speaking engagements as individuals or a duo. They’re interested in talking about the hidden power of networks, neuroplasticity and the organisation and the role of stories in corporate culture, business ethics and values. Drop them a line if you’d like to find out more.


Elisa Drummond, Sparknow Associate | ten.w1534358739onkra1534358739ps@dn1534358739ommur1534358739d.asi1534358739le1534358739



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